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December 27, 2014

Here at apisgroup.org, we find that the Phoenix real estate market is experiencing some advancement.  Our site about the real estate market goes into detail about what is happening right now in Phoenix AZ.  Trulia is a good resource if you are curious about finding homes for sale, but even if you don’t use it for buying or selling a home, you can at least get a general idea what similar homes are selling for in the area in which you live.  This goes for any city, not just Phoenix.  Understanding the real estate market is key to investing, not an option in our opinion.

Whether a person desires to buy or sell, timing is of the essence.  You definitely do not want to jump into the market when prices are high, likewise, you don’t want to sell your home when prices are low.  You could check out prices on Century21 of course.  Looking for a real estate broker on Zillow is an option as well.  Always save listing before you lose your information.  It’s very easy to get side tracked when looking at prices.  Keep an excel spreadsheet open.  When looking at real estate Phoenix offers a large range of prices, in the low $100,000 – $250,000 range, but always know if you are buying a single family home or if you are picking up a larger home.

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It’s very important that before buying a home, be certain that you check out as many photos of homes as you can.  Also discover the numbers of beds, number of baths, when the house was built, who was the owner, and spend a full days time in the home, if you are allowed to.  One of the things individuals can do as they look to acquire a home is to talk with local people, ask them if they have experience with how much people are paying for their home.  Prices fluxgate, so a price someone receives in January could be many thousands of times lower than if they were to purchase a home in December.


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We feel, and this is just our opinion, that 2015 might start to show a major shift in the housing market, particularly, in Arizona, but the fundamentals for change are ripe.  The Scottsdale area was hit hard in 2007-2011 but is showing signs of recovery, albeit slowly.  There is nothing wrong with spending a little bit of extra time doing research on the markets, especially in Phoenix.  You can’t go wrong, in fact, you might be better off.


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